December 16, 2017

Key to happiness: Good food and family time

Do you want to feel happier? According to a study commissioned by Yeo Valley, a British organic dairy company, the way to nirvana is by simplifying your life and achieving better balance between work and play by doing things such as getting enough sleep, commuting less, spending two hours a day playing with your kids, exercising four times per week, eating five home-cooked meals a week, and eating four servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Two thirds of the 4,000 study participants felt spending enough time with their family and friends was key to achieving happiness, however over half indicated they had difficulty maintaining the right work-life balance. I can understand that!

A spokesman for the company says, “”Our lives are busier than ever, so managing to fit in a home-cooked meal, catching our favorite soap or a gym session can help keep us smiling.”

What do you think? Do you feel better after a good home-cooked meal with the family? Do you have trouble maintaining the right balance between work and personal life

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