December 16, 2017

Thanksgiving Prep: Time to Clean Out the Refrigerator

Thanksgiving day is quickly approaching and my refrigerator just isn’t ready. Between trying to start a new business and recently hosting a cocktail party, I am embarrassed to say that chaos has taken over my fridge. Swift action is needed. OK, so here goes (deep breath) …this is the state of my fridge right now:

Shocking, right? Or can you relate?

When it gets into this condition, who knows what lurks behind those milk and juice containers?!

Yikes! We may need to bring the mold specialists in. Chips and dip anyone?

This is going to be a bigger job than I thought.

When did I actually put all these things in here?

Whew! Time to pull up those sleeves and empty it all out. Much better. Dirty, but better. Looks like a college guy’s fridge minus the beer.

Here’s the stuff that can go in the freezer before it goes the way of the salsa dip.

It saddens me to say, this group of stuff is the toss out crowd. My mother is having a fit right now.  I feel a New Year’s resolution coming on….

And this is all the food that is still invited back into our fridge. Welcome back wine and beer! Glad to have you aboard.

Ah! Serenity has returned to the Davis kitchen. I believe my blood pressure has gone down a few points.

Once I get on a cleaning, organizing kick look out!

If anything stays still for more than 30 seconds, it gets a label.

Think these strategically placed apples in the snack bin will cause my daughter to crave some fruit for her after school snack? One can only hope.

So although I took the risk of scaring away all my readers and Thanksgiving dinner guests by airing my dirty fridge, I can now safely say…”This house is clean.”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My best wishes for a delicious, restful day!

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