December 16, 2017

5 iPhone Apps for Meal Planning

Back again this week with some more useful iPhone app suggestions. Last week the list contained apps that can assist you when you are in search of a good restaurant. Now while I love me a good restaurant meal, I also love to cook my own meals (and cook for others too!)  There really is an immense amount of satisfaction in sitting down to, or serving to others, food that came from my own efforts.

However, when I was first married and felt the pressure (self-induced mind you) to get dinner on the table each night after a long day at work, I would often stare for many minutes at our cabinets and refrigerator hoping some kind of inspiration would strike and I would know what to concoct from the ingredients we had on hand. And often, out of frustration, I would turn to my husband and say “Pizza?” with a sheepish look on my face.

After many years of learning my way around the kitchen, testing many recipes and improving my cooking intuition planning meals each week has become much easier and less time-consuming. One of the apps on the list today is a meal planning site that initially eased the planning process for me and made me realize my love for cooking, one is a website I turn to when I need to wow my dinner guests. They all are great resources for helping you to make and enjoy a great home-cooked meal.

1.  Relish! (FREE)

Relish! makes meal planning a breeze. You can have a  weekly menu created for you or you can choose your own from their large database of recipes. Then with a click of a button, your shopping list is created. No more hours leafing through your cookbook collection.  The app even comes with one month free membership!

2.  Epicurious (FREE)

Ah, Epicurious. How I love thee. While the website provides more robust functionality than the app, it is nice to be able to search for a recipe on the go. Many a good dinner party has resulted from recipes found on this site. The reviews are as helpful as the recipes.

3. Dinner Spinner (FREE)

Throw caution to the wind and spin for your dinner. Categories include dish type, ingredients and amount of time you have to prepare it. The app also allows you to use a search box if you don’t want to take the risk and save your faves for later reference.

4. Seasons ($1.99)

Want to eat produce at its peak of freshness and eat as much local product as possible to reduce the negative effects of long distance produce transport? This beautifully designed app can help us live greener, eat better and make a difference.

5. Whole Foods Market Recipes (FREE)

If you are looking for healthy, vegetarian, or special diet recipes, try the Whole Foods Market Recipes app. You can search recipes by ingredients and dietary preferences. You can also create shopping lists based on your selections.

Do you have any other apps or methods you use to make meal planning easier? Please share!

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