December 16, 2017

iPhone Apps for Grocery Shopping

This week we continue our series on useful iPhone apps for the foodie. So far we have reviewed apps for finding the perfect restaurant and planning your weekly meals. This week we are covering apps that make grocery shopping really fun. OK, maybe not really fun but at least more efficient and maybe just a little bit enjoyable.  Many of the apps we reviewed in the Meal Planning post will allow you to produce a grocery shopping list from the recipes you have chosen so you may want to take a peek at that post as well as this one if you are looking for that functionality.

GroceryIQ (FREE)

GroceryIQ is a grocery shopping list app that contains a number of useful features such as the ability to sort items by aisle, add frequently or recently used items to your list quickly, assign items to specific stores and look up related coupons.

HarvestMark Food Traceability (FREE)

Are you curious about the origin of your food?  Then this fascinating app is for you. By scanning the HarvestMark code, you can determine exactly where the food was grown. You can also leave comments for the producer, get nutrition info and recipes.

Fooducate (FREE)

This app takes the guess work out of picking healthier food options. Just scan the product and view nutrition info, warnings, calorie comparisons to similar products and an overall nutrition grade.

Do you have any other apps or methods you use to make grocery shopping easier? Please share!


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