December 18, 2017

Dinner Game: Valentine’s Edition

If your Valentine’s Day dinner plans include your children (and since Valentine’s Day is on Monday it is a likely possibility), why not make dinner extra special with a fun Valentine’s Day Dinner Game. This is a continuing series on Valentine’s Day. So far we have made an easy, healthy appetizer which pairs perfectly with a glass of wine and a rich, inviting dinner that shows your sweetie how much you love them. Stay tuned for a yummy chocolate dessert coming up this week…

A Love Story

For ages 7 and up. Younger ones may need some help from a family member.

[1]  Take 10 pieces of blank paper and write one of the following titles on each piece of paper:

  1. The Boy: Name and Description
  2. The Girl: Name and Description
  3. How The Boy and Girl Met
  4. What The Boy First Thought of The Girl
  5. What The Girl First Thought of The Boy
  6. What The Boy and Girl Did on Their First Date
  7. What The Boy’s Parents Thought of The Girl
  8. What The Girl’s Parents Thought of The Boy
  9. Why The Boy Fell in Love with The Girl
  10. Why The Girl Fell in Love with The Boy

[2] Hand out the pieces of paper amongst the family members. Unless you are the Brady Bunch, you will need to give more than one piece of paper to each member. 🙂

[3] Without sharing with anyone else, write down your section of the love story on the paper(s) you have been handed.

[4] When everyone is done, read the love story by combining the 10 pieces of paper in the order listed above.


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