December 16, 2017

iPhone Apps for Meal Preparation

This week we continue our series on useful iPhone apps for the foodie. So far we have reviewed apps for finding the perfect restaurant, planning your weekly meals and making your time at the grocery store more productive and fun. So now that you have the tools to plan your recipes and bring home the right ingredients, it’s time to take a look at a few apps that can aid you in the kitchen.

Kitchen Calculator Pro ($3.99)

Are you math challenged like I am? If so, this app is for you. It lets you scale recipes up or down and convert measurements with ease.  Take a recipe for 4 and compute quantities needed for a group of 13. Convert cups to ounces or grams to tablespoons.

Gourmet Timer ($.99)

If you are as attached to your iPhone as I am, you never let it leave your side. So why not use it as a kitchen timer. This timer app lets you 4 individual timers which you can label with the correct recipe name and view all in one screen. How great is that? Definitely worth the $.99.

Food Storage and Shelf Life ($1.99)

How long should you keep your dried spices? When is it time to throw away that frozen meat in the back of your freezer? This handy app lets you look up the best ways to store the groceries you have just unpacked from the grocery store and tells you how long those grocery items will last before needing to be discarded.

How to Cook Everything ($4.99)

If you’ve never heard of Mark Bittman, you need to check out this app (or his award-winning book of the same name). Mark Bittman provides straight-forward instruction on how to cook just about…well, everything. Follow his techniques and you will be a confident cook in no time.

Do you have any other apps  you find useful while in the kitchen? Please share!

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