December 16, 2017

Dinner Game: What’s Missing

It’s time for another dinner game idea to make your supper time a special, stress-free one. Today’s dinner game is one that our family particularly likes to play. It works well with all age groups from our 6-year old to our 14-year old. Even Dad finds it a bit challenging. 🙂

What’s Missing

This game works well when you have a number of items on your table like condiments, glasses, a basket of rolls, and serving utensils.  Too few items and the game turns boring mighty quickly.

Choose one person to close their eyes and count to 15. While this person has their eyes closed the other members of the table must very quietly remove one item from the table. If the person guessing is under 7 years old, it is best to choose more obvious items like a water glass or bottle of ketchup. For the older set, get tricky! Try removing a smaller item like a serving utensil, someone’s napkin or something off someone’s plate.

Once the person has counted to 15, it’s time from them to open their eyes and find what’s missing.

Go around the table and give each person a turn to play detective and figure out what has disappeared. It’s particularly fun for the kids to try to stump their parents during this game.

“Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot.”

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