December 16, 2017

Personal Cooking Coach

In this world of processed and prepared foods, restaurants and convenience stores open to all hours, and unlimited food products and choices, creating a healthy, home-cooked meal is not so easy any more. Many of us have grown up with limited home economic instruction in school and parents who may have been too busy to cook and show us the way. A number of us are struggling with food allergies or have children who are allergic to dairy, nuts, gluten or other foods.

The result?

A generation of individuals who are not confident in the kitchen, who are confused by all the information about what is healthy and what is not.

People struggling with the effects of diets too high in fat, calories and sugar such as decreasing energy, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Parents struggling to get a meal on the table every night that meets everyone’s dietary requirements and still tastes good.

Now more than ever, gaining confidence in the kitchen and the grocery store is so important. Just like people need a personal trainer to guide them and motivate them to achieve a healthier body so can a personal chef help you to gain control over your food and health.

The Flavorful Fork offers in-person, personalized help to allow you to shop and cook with confidence. The following sessions are currently available. More advanced sessions coming soon.

Pantry Assessment

Pantry Organization

Are you looking to improve your diet and incorporate healthier foods into your lifestyle? The first step is to assess where you currently are and then to create a simple action plan to phase out the unhealthy, processed items for healthier, whole foods.

During our time together, we will meet in your kitchen and look through your refrigerator, freezer and pantry to:

  • Assess the quality of the ingredients you are using currently
  • Talk about how to read a food label
  • Learn how to store ingredients properly
  • Create an action plan for phasing out certain food items and replacing them with healthier alternatives

You will receive:

  • Guidelines for produce storage
  • An action plan with concrete steps you can take in the next month to create a healthier lifestyle
  • A healthy pantry checklist

Session Length: 3 hours
Session Cost: $225

Kitchen Organization

freezer organization

Is cooking in your kitchen a hassle? Do you mumble obscenities when trying to find the top to a storage container? Do you have three jars of allspice because you didn’t realize you already had the other two hiding in the back of your cabinet? Cooking can be fun (honest!) but only when your kitchen space is clean and organized.

During our time together, we will take a look on top of your counters, into your cabinets and and refrigerator, and review your cooking tools. We will:

  • Determine the zones needed in your kitchen
  • Determine the most efficient places to store your kitchen tools
  • Review the essential pieces of kitchen equipment you need and those you can let go
  • Assess the quality of the cooking equipment you currently own and the impact it has on your food and efficiency
  • Discuss the correct way to store spices, oils and produce for maximum freshness
  • Review the process Chef Fran uses to set up the kitchen before cooking

You will receive:

  • Guidelines for produce storage
  • Top 20 items all cooks should own
  • An action plan with concrete steps to move your kitchen from cluttered and inefficient to clean and streamlined

Session Length: 3 hours
Session Cost: $225

Healthy Shopping Tour

shopping carts

Making your way through the grocery store can be a challenge. There are so many temptations and options to choose from. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and leaving the store with a cart filled with processed foods and snacks, a tour with a personal chef may be just what you need to shop with confidence.

During our time together we will meet at the grocery store in your neighborhood (with their permission) and:

  • Discuss the layout and ambiance of the store and why we are so tempted to place certain items in our carts
  • Visit the produce section and talk about how to choose fruits and vegetables that are in season, ripe, have low levels of pesticides and lots of nutritional value
  • Talk with the folks behind the seafood counter about wild caught versus farm raising fish and which seafood has those important omega-3 fatty acids our bodies need
  • Look over the large array of meat options and talk about grass-fed beef, organic chicken and how to buy meat on a budget
  • Stare at the large array of cooking oils and discuss what cooking temperatures and methods to use them with
  • Visit the pasta and grain aisle and talk about the benefits of whole grains and what to do if you are gluten intolerant
  • And lots more!

You will receive:

  • The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 Guidelines for buying organic produce
  • A healthy pantry checklist
  • The knowledge to shop the grocery store with confidence

Session Length: 2 hours
Session Cost: $85 per hour for 1, $75 per hour for 2-3, $65 per hour for 4-5

Knife Skills 101

chef knife

If you are a novice in the kitchen or feeling frustrated or overwhelmed when having to put together a meal, gaining mastery of your chef knife should be the very first step you take. Using the wrong knife or the wrong technique can leave you fatigued and working harder in the kitchen.

During our time together, we will work in the comfort and privacy of your kitchen and learn how to:

  • Purchase a proper chef knife
  • Store and care for your chef knife
  • Select the best cutting board surface for your knife and health
  • Hold the knife correctly for maximum control and comfort
  • Prepare your work space before beginning food prep
  • Chop, dice, and julienne
  • Tackle more challenging produce like onions, mangos and avocados
  • Create two simple recipes using the produce from class

You will receive:

  • A list of factors to consider when purchasing a chef knife
  • The confidence to prep food with ease

Session Length: 3 hours
Session Cost: $85 per hour for 1 person, $75 per person per hour for 2-3 people, $65 per person per hour for 4-5 people