January 19, 2018

Back to School: Five Days of Kid-Friendly Lunch Ideas

Healthy Bento Lunch Box

Move over frozen chicken nuggets and French fries! Brown bag lunches can be fun and good for you too. Even the pickiest eater can get excited about eating a healthy lunch this year by including these fun ideas in his or her lunchbox.

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Are You Afraid to Cook? Tips for Moving Past Your Fear of Cooking

Scared to cook

Do you have a fear of cooking? Are you nervous about holding a chef knife, cooking foods to the right temperature, and burning things in your oven? You are not alone. As a personal chef, I have had a number of clients express these fears to me. As a novice cook myself a number of years ago, I had some of the same concerns.

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Prevent Food Waste: Make a Salad

Salad - A Great Way to Use Leftovers

If you were to keep track of all the items that enter your refrigerator by putting a little Post-It note on each one and then placing the Post-It on a poster board that read “Used” or “Threw Away”, what percentage of those items would have been unused and chucked into the garbage at the end of the month? If you said about 30%, you would be right. About one-third of all food we purchase ends up in a landfill never having been eaten. So how can we prevent it? Make a salad of course!

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Get Out of That Food Rut! Pinterest to the Rescue

Get Out of that Food Rut - Pinterest to the Rescue

Are you stuck in a food rut eating the same meals day after day. Meatloaf Monday. Taco Tuesday. Wish Someone Else Was Cooking Wednesday. Takeout Thursday. Just Forget About It Friday. You need some inspiration to bring new life to your weekly meals! Well do I have a fun way for you to jazz things up in your kitchen! Read on…

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Kitchen Design: Does Yours Help You Cook Efficiently?

As a personal chef, I have seen a lot of different kitchens over the years – some extremely small, some that look like they came out of a design magazine. Having cooked in so many different spaces I have developed a clear opinion on what works in a kitchen space and what doesn’t. Read on. My thoughts may surprise you.

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Are You Accidentally Using the Wrong Cooking Oil?

Does visiting the grocery aisle where the vinegars and oils are shelved leave you a bit overwhelmed these days? Instead of two of three oils to choose from there are now ten or more that range from inexpensive to very pricey.

How do you know what oil to choose and when to use it?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing which oil to use for your next dish.

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Living the Healthy Life: Must-Have Items for Your Pantry

If you are looking to get healthier and more fit, your pantry is one of the first places you need to visit. When you open up the cabinets what do you see? By making 4 simple changes in your pantry, you can reduce your temptations, improve your health, and nourish your body with the food it needs.

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3 Techniques for Perking Up Plain Old Vegetables

Are you tired of plain old steamed veggies? Do you have a large list of vegetables you don’t like to eat? Well then today you are going to love this post! I am confident that you can enjoy eating your vegetables each and every day. By using just a few simple techniques, you can take boring, bland produce to flavorful, fabulous food.

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Staying Fit and Healthy: Interview with a Personal Trainer

Eating healthy foods and staying fit through physical exercise are both so important for living a life that is rich and fulfilling. It is because of this important partnership of food and fitness that I have decided to partner with a fitness trainer to bring you some amazing content on nutrition, exercise and getting motivated to get moving! And let me tell you…I could use the motivation myself so I am super excited to learn more! [Read more…]

10 Tips for a Successful Dinner Party

Inviting family and friends into your home for a wonderful meal and great conversation need not invoke panic and stress. With careful planning and a few helpful tips, you can create an enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

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