September 25, 2016

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Product Love: Personalized Place Mats

There is more to a special dinner than the food or the games. Setting the stage with a beautiful, colorful or creative table scape signifies the importance of the meal. Putting some dishes, napkins, soda bottles and ketchup in the middle or the table, or worse yet, setting up the tv trays in the living […]

White Bean, Sausage and Spinach Soup

Now that the days have gotten shorter, darker and colder (sigh), I have a hankering for some nice warm, comforting soup and some good crusty bread. Soups are really a wonderful, easy way to get your serving of vegetables yet feel as if you have had a hearty, filling meal at the same time. If […]

5 Ways to Make Grocery Shopping Easier

Is the act of grocery shopping right up there with visiting the dentist or cleaning the bathroom? Well, you are not alone. Grocery shopping for many is a necessary, though not enjoyable, chore. So how can we make it easier?