October 28, 2016

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Kitchen Design: Does Yours Help You Cook Efficiently?

As a personal chef, I have seen a lot of different kitchens over the years – some extremely small, some that look like they came out of a design magazine. Having cooked in so many different spaces I have developed a clear opinion on what works in a kitchen space and what doesn’t. Read on. […]

Top 20 Kitchen Items All Cooks Should Have

When you open your kitchen drawers do you see a collection of gadgets and gizmos that seemed wonderfully useful at the time but have languished untouched for months or years? You know what I am talking about, right? Items like this. Or how about this? Still wondering when to use this. As a personal chef, […]

Are You Afraid to Cook? Tips for Moving Past Your Fear of Cooking

Do you have a fear of cooking? Are you nervous about holding a chef knife, cooking foods to the right temperature, and burning things in your oven? You are not alone. As a personal chef, I have had a number of clients express these fears to me. As a novice cook myself a number of […]