January 31, 2015

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We think dinner time is sacred. Don’t you?

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Welcome to my little soiree

I am so glad you could come and visit with me to share in a truly exciting time in my life. It feels as if I am stepping off a cliff but with a silly grin on my face as I take hold of my passion for cooking and party planning and turn it into […]

veggie stand

8 Ways to Eat Organic on a Budget

We’ve all heard the jokes about “Whole Paycheck” when referring to Whole Foods and yet, with the growing awareness of GMOs, pesticides and negative effects of processed foods, there is an increased desire to eat healthy, organic foods. How can we eat the foods we believe are safer for us but not double our grocery […]

Winter Cocktails

Winter Cocktails: A Review, A Recipe, A Giveaway

The air is crisper. The leaves are turning beautiful shades of gold, red and orange before they drop to the ground. Fireplaces are being lit. Holiday songs are playing in every store and restaurant. Winter is on its way! No longer do I crave iced tea, mojitos, and magaritas. Now is the time for drinks […]