April 29, 2016

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Keeping It Hot At Thanksgiving: Tips and Recipes

I asked my wonderful online friends last week what was the hardest thing about preparing Thanksgiving dinner. The issue most struggle with? Getting all the food to the table hot and at the same time. With a little forethought and careful planning, you can impress all your guests with your food AND the ability to […]

Happy Holidays! And an Easy Last Minute Gift Idea

Well, 2010 certainly has been a crazy and interesting year for me. Loads of stress. Long commutes. Loss of job. Leap of faith. Exciting new direction. I am looking forward to what the next year has in store for me. I hope that this past year has been a rewarding one for you and that […]

Product Love: Personalized Place Mats

There is more to a special dinner than the food or the games. Setting the stage with a beautiful, colorful or creative table scape signifies the importance of the meal. Putting some dishes, napkins, soda bottles and ketchup in the middle or the table, or worse yet, setting up the tv trays in the living […]